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About Captivating Momentz

Captivating Momentz was established in May 2018 by Dreya Denise, a skilled photographer with a passion for capturing candid, soulful moments. As a mother herself, Dreya understands the importance of capturing the love and joy in everyday life. Her mission is to provide a timeless and heartfelt representation of the beauty in the ordinary.


My Story


Dreya Denise is the photographer and owner of Captivating Momentz, established in May 2018. As a mother of two daughters, Dreya has always been drawn to the art of photography as a means of capturing life's fleeting moments. Dreya is skilled in various kinds of photography, including portrait, event, and wedding photography, but above all, she enjoys candid photography. At Captivating Momentz, our team is dedicated to providing a unique and personal experience for each client. We strive to capture the essence of your story and provide you with a timeless representation of your most cherished memories.

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